Electromagnetics and Magnetics

Electromagnetic (EM) and Magnetic surveys are perhaps the most common geophysical method used on mineral exploration and environmental investigations.

The most commonly used EM instruments for environmental investigations are the Geonics EM31 and EM61. The EM31 is a frequency domain ground conductivity meter used to bulk sample the ground to about 6 metres deep. The EM61 is a time domain metal detector used exclusively for that purpose (e.g., tank and pipe locates).

For mineral exploration, our Apex Parametrics MaxMin I-9, I-10 (up to 56 kHz) and VLF-EM instruments are routinely applied. Deep time domain measurements are made possible with our Geonics PROTEM with TEM67 power module.

ClearView has stayed competitive by acquiring and interpreting data efficiently. This comes from many years of field and processing experience.

Survey grids are established accurately so that anomaly sources can be located with or without ClearView's assistance. Proprietary in-house software takes the EM data and coded field notes into map format quickly.

ClearView also uses one of the fastest mags available - the Cesium Magnetometer. We routinely mount this instrument on an aluminum sleigh so that high quality, high production and low cost magnetics data can be acquired in a safe and efficient manner.

ClearView Geophysics Inc. can plan and carry out the right EM or magnetics method on your project.

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