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ClearView Geophysics Inc. offers geophysical consulting and surveys as part of your environmental investigations.

There are many and diverse environmental problems: Pollution and contamination to land, water and air. ClearView Geophysics Inc. applies its geophysical expertise to ground investigations as part of site audits and assessments.

Geophysical methods are used to image the ground. The measuremnets taken can vary vertically and laterally as a result of soil, fill, former structures, pipes/utilities, surface metal interference or porewater properties.  Typically, background readings are taken beyond fill or contaminated areas so that their boundaries and amplitudes can be properly determined.

Selection of the appropriate tool is site and situation selective.


  • Sites where buried metal is the main target, a Geonics EM61 Metal Detection survey is recommended.
  • If the area of investigation is too cluttered or covered with concrete containing rebar, a GPR (ground penetrating radar) survey is recommended either stand-alone or to complement the EM results. 

These surveys are often immediately followed-up by Pipe & Utility Locates.

Our in-house data processing software and expert data acquisition practices lets us present high quality final results to the client, often the next day!

Techniques such as seismic and resistivity imaging surveys can also be used, depending on the information required.

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