Geophysical Interpretation

ClearView Geophysics Inc. has experience interpreting airborne and ground-based geophysical data.

We also compile and organize regional and local data into applicable GIS systems so that the geophysical data can be accessed and viewed by all geoscientists and stakeholders in an organized and sustainable manner.

We use UBC's MAG3D, DCIP2D and DCIP3D Inversion software to produce 2D and 3D interpretations of total field magnetics and IP/Resistivity data.  Geosoft's suite of post-processing software, along with in-house custom sofware, is also used to produce various derivative datasets and maps.

For airborne, ground based and borehole EM data, ClearView Geophysics Inc. uses industry standard electromagnetic modeling software.  Parameters such as transmitter times, transmitter loop parameters, receiver sample gates, target mineralization parameters and so forth can be input or designed into the software for modeling.  It is primarily used for survey planning and to interpret acquired EM data. 



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