Snowmobile-mode DGPS guided

 A Cesium magnetometer or other instrument is pulled behind a standard snowmobile or ATV.  The system can also be applied using a raft pulled behind a boat over lakes and rivers.  Specially designed carts are used behind ATV's for spring, summer and fall work.  Custom-built wooden, plastic and aluminum-frame sleighs are designed for rough terrain and conditions.

Some Specifications:

  • Navigation track-lines pre-programmed, no existing grid is needed
  • Readings positionally or time triggered, typically 3-metre stations or 10 times per second
  • 'Ruggedized' navigation computer also records GPS and geophysical data - seamless
  • Survey speeds 2 m to 5 m per second in rough terrain - faster over fields and flat areas
  • GPS antenna located at front of sleigh or cart, magnetometer located at back of sled/cart
  • Post-processing includes Layback and Latency corrections
  • Operatorational in exceptionally rough terrain, boulder fields, etc. and in severe cold
  • Capable of collecting gradient magnetics data by adding sensors
  • Capable of adding other instruments (e.g., EM31, EM61, EM34, OhmMapper, etc.)


Base Station Magnetometer System:

  • Magnetometer readings at 0.5s or 1s intervals
  • At least 2 base stations running for quality control and duplication in case one fails
  • Base stations are 'leap-frogged' along the survey area to keep as close to survey area as possible - important for best precision in the arctic
  • Magnetometer readings linked to GPS time
  • All data are processed and plotted in the field using Geosoft and proprietary in-house software


Please see our Snowmobile-Mode Geophysical Surveys brochure.

System enhancements are ongoing.  Contact ClearView to discuss how Snowmobile-mode geophysical surveys can work on your mineral exploration, environmental or geotechnical projects.

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