Spectral IP and Resistivity

Spectral Induced Polarization & Resistivity surveys (IP & Res) are excellent methods for detecting disseminated sulphide mineralization that could be associated with gold.  Resistivity Imaging is useful for Depth to Bedrock, Overburden and Water Exploration

The method can be carried out in surface or borehole modes. Click these links for more information about Spectral IP and Borehole IP.  Best results are obtained in TOMOGRAPHIC-MODE for subsequent 3D modeling and display with borehole lithology and assay results to predict the continuity of economic mineralization.

Spectral parameters complement chargeability and apparent resistivity data and have proven successful for detecting favourable gold and PGM mineralization. The surveys can be designed as conventional 2D arrays or 3D arrays. We inversion model 3D IP data due to their higher complexity. Refer to:

A new survey design for 3D inversion modelling at Copper Hill and Resistivity and IP arrays, optimised for data collection and inversion.

For environmental investigations, these spectral parameters, in addition to the individual time-gate slices and apparent resistivity, may provide valuable information about contaminants that no other technique 

(e.g., GPR, EM, etc.) can provide.  Proprietary software is used for calculating these parameters

Resistivity Imaging using a large number or nodes in Sclumberger- and Wenner-Array configurations can be inversion modeled to provide 2D and 3D cross-sections useful for Depth to Bedrock, Overburden Characterization and Water Exploration.

ClearView is associated with specialists that have a combined work experience in IP & res surveys of over 100 years. ClearView is positioned as a pioneer in developing this technology for mineral and water exploration, environmental and geotechnical applications.

ClearView welcomes opportunities to apply the technique at sites that require customized design.  Please view our blog entries: Distributed Array - Full 3D IP/Resistivity with Spectral,  Cross-hole IP/Resistivity Surveys for Gold & Voids, and several other related blog entries accessible from the home page

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