Mineral Exploration

ClearView Geophysics Inc. carries out ground-based geophysical surveys for Junior and Major Mining Companies. Common targets include gold, base metals and diamonds. Mining companies identify favourable geologic environments at the regional scale. In order to accomplish this, the following data are typically compiled:

  • airborne Magnetics and EM geophysical data
  • gravity data
  • government geologic and geophysical data 

From this compilation, favourable local areas can be prioritized for further evaluation. At the local level, available geology, geochemistry and geophysics data are evaluated and compiled. At this stage it can be determined whether additional ground-based work is required. For example, if the area has a history of gold mineralization associated with fine-grained sulphides, then an IP/res survey may be appropriate.

The local and regional scale geophysical data can be post-processed. By combining sophisticated computer modeling techniques with years of interpretive experience, the client gets a list of exploration targets that are prioritized for drilling and sampling.

See our Core Services brochure.

Some of the major geophysical instruments that we own include:

  • Scintrex Cesium NavMags and EnviC Magnetometers with internal and external GPS
  • GEM Overhauser Magnetometers with internal GPS
  • Spectral IP Systems with High Power 10 kW transmitters
  • Geonics Protem 3D Systems with TEM57-mk2 and High Power TEM67 Modules
  • Apex MaxMin System
  • Geonics EM31 Ground Conductivity Meter & EM61 Metal Detector
  • Sensors & Software Noggin250 GPR
  • Metrotech Pipe & Cable Locator
  • GPS: Trimble ProXT, AgGPS 132, Mobile Mapper


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