Deep TDEM Surveys

ClearView Geophysics Inc. owns a new time domain transient EM systems from Geonics.  It consists of a Protem receiver with 3D receiver coil, and a TEM57-mk2 receiver with TEM67 high power module for extra large transmitter loops.  This system has proven itself useful for detecting both good and bad conductor sulphide mineralization located at 100’s of metres depth.  It has also proved useful for deep acquifer detection and depth to bedrock. 

The receiver can be connected to Geonics’ borehole 3D probe for downhole surveys.

ClearView Geophysics Inc. uses industry standard software for survey planning, such as loop size and positioning relative to the target.  It is also used to interpret acquired surface and borehole EM data.  Off-the-shelf software is also used for 1D soundings for water sources and bedrock mapping.

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